Multi Cam Demo Reel

With our new multi camera set up, it is now easier than ever to shoot and produce your very own video in The LightGrid. What will you direct next?

JCLU forever shows faith in The LightGrid

Local Bay Area Christian clothing company, JCLU Forever, recently captured their new T-shirt line in The LightGrid. The photographs highlight the company’s unique and stylish approach to making Christian tees fashionable for anyone who wants to proudly proclaim their faith.  For more shots visit their site at JCLU Forever.

Photographer: Austin Heppler

MUA: Sterling Andrews

Stylist: Adrea Cabrera

Model: Jenna Davi

49er Cheerleaders are back

We had an exciting first shoot at our new location in the heart of the Peninsula, conveniently located halfway between Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Here are a couple of our favorite shots of the 49er Gold Rush Cheerleaders. We welcome you to cheer us on in this promising new space hosted by Meets The Eye studio.

To see more photos check out the Gold Rush Instagram page
Gold Rush Cheerleaders

New Apparel from a new company

Here are some of the shots from a recent shoot with a new local clothing company called Quarter Life Clothing. They were in and out of The LightGrid within 3 hours with their entire new product line shot.

Waterfield designs is back with a bolt

Gary from WaterField Designs gets on camera to introduce the new Bolt Briefcase. For more of WaterField Designs products click here to view their website.


YouTube make up sensation Kandee Johnson makes Daily Mail UK with a LightGrid transformation image from when she was in the studio for a video tutorial. Check out the entire story HERE.

Youtube broadcast Event

Mathew Mindtrick Holt and the team from Obscura Digital teamed up to create the interactive background video used live for the YouTube Broadcast Event. The video was shot in The LightGrid by our team using a green screen.

PayPal’s New device

It was very exciting to see the PayPal project from start to finish.  Here is their new device presentation box with our photo on the front.

Macro for Cleveland

The company Obscura Digital used The LightGrid to shoot environmental objects at a macro scale for the use of projection mapping in the city Cleveland. This video shows and explains the teams process in order to create the final project. For more of their work be sure to check their website by clicking their name above.

WaterField Design Laydowns

The trendy and reliable bags from WaterField Design took on their own personality within The LightGrid. Be sure to check out all of their products on their website at SFBags.

Fashion for the greater good

VIDA, a new startup company has used The LightGrid to produce images to populated their website in a creative way. It is always a great time at a VIDA shoot!  Be sure to check out the company and all of their products on their website here.

Creative people make creative backdrops

We recently had a creative team in The LightGrid shooting portraits for their team’s website page. This was the first time we have used our color backdrops in this way. Hope you enjoy!

Juan Zambrano + Look Model Agency

International advertising photographer Juan Zambrano is back in The LightGrid. For this shoot he is photographing Teresa from Look Model Agency. Check out more of Juan’s work on his website at Juan Zambrano.

Drifter & the Gypsy + Warby Parker

Drifter & the Gypsy is back in The LightGrid, but this time she brought company. She has teamed up with the glasses company Warby Parker for a collaboration video and photo shoot in The LightGrid.

Stop by her blog at Drifter & the Gypsy to see the entire post. 

Promo BTS // Clearly Kombucha from Ina Maria Creative on Vimeo.

Behind The Scenes with Clearly Kombucha

Clearly Kombucha recently shot their new product campaign in The LightGrid. Check out the behind the scenes video and also the portraits from the shoot on their new website at Clearly Kombucha.

Video by: Ina Maria

Cool Enough for School

Fashion students from CCSF use The LightGrid to complete their project for Moda Vive in time. CCSF student Juliet Segal said, “The studio was seriously mind blowing!  I was in a state of shock and happiness over how beautiful and high Tech The LightGrid was. Cannot wait to work with it and the Blue Sky team again.”

Model: Angelyne Tompkins
Stylists: Juliet Segal
Kaleigh Escobedo
Pim Decanu
Product: Moda Vive

LG Photographer: Austin Heppler

LightGrid Introduction / Testimonial

Learn about LightGrid functionality from Founder Bill Delzell.  Next, hear a compelling testimonial from Perficient’s general manager, Andrew O’Driscoll, of the Salesforce Unit.

Zoz Brooks Presents The LightGrid

“Everyone has a need for imagery” – Zoz Brooks. LightGrid senior software engineer Andrew Zoz Brooks presents The LightGrid through his own eyes. Take a look at our YouTube channel at Blue Sky LightGrid for more LightGrid related videos.

Time-Lapse sequence shot in The LightGrid is part of a video projected on UN Building

The LightGrid and Obscura Digital collaborated to create a time-lapse sequence in order to bring awareness to climate change. #projectingchange #climate2014

Composite Portraits

View some of the most recent composite works composed by our team. These serve as great examples of what can be done with the LightGrid.

Fantasy Portrait Animation

This is a demonstration of the steps taken by one of our team, Chance Watson to create this fantasy portrait composite. Contact us for your very own fantasy composite.

A new composite from the LightGrid team

Take a look at what Chance Watson, a new member of the LightGrid team, created with this fantasy composite. Keep your eyes open for a step by step animation on how this was made.

Obscura Digital uses Macro in The LightGrid

The very creative team from Obscura Digital made their way into The LightGrid for an awesome video project that is featured in the city of Cleveland. These clips are just some of the RAW footage that was captured on that day. Check out the display of the project here.

Videography By: Jorge Novoa

Drifter and The Gypsy pay Blue Sky LightGrid a visit

20-year-old Micaela Hoo made her LightGrid debut in collaboration with Larabar. Micaela is a photographer, graphic designer, and blogger behind Drifter & the Gypsy.  She recently mentioned Blue Sky LightGrid on her blog:

I shot these photos at Blue Sky LightGrid, which is quickly becoming my favorite studio to shoot at in SF. It has a LightGrid Studio  and a Daylight Studio. I shot in both studios. Shooting in the Daylight Studio was pretty easy for me since I work with all-natural light 99% of the time. I must admit I was a bit nervous to shoot in the LightGrid Studio as my knowledge of studio lighting is extremely limited, but the way that it’s engineered, all you do is choose what type of lighting you’d like on an iPad; no manual setup necessary! It made it so easy. If you’re in need of a studio in SF, definitely Check out this place.”

Check out her blog for more images from the shoot at Drifter & the Gypsy

Photographed by: Dawn Hoo and Bill Delzell
Styled by: Beth Jones using Crossroads Trading

Brit + Co video tutorials in The LightGrid

The team at Blue Sky Lightgrid and the ladies from Brit + Co teamed up to produce some high quality video tutorial that is now featured on their website to promote their new e-classes. Check out the videos from The LightGrid and other fun items on their website at Brit + Co.

Magician Jay Alexander wows in the LightGrid

Jay Alexander recently stopped into the LightGrid for some new head shots and left the staff wowed by the special performance he gave after the shoot.

A master magician and comic, Jay Alexander is one of the top corporate and society entertainers in the country. He has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, MTV and he is a favorite on many morning shows. Jay creates customized shows for Fortune 500 companies.

Jay Alexander is the great grandson of the legendary vaudeville performer, Gentleman Ben Darwin. As a child, Jay found a trunk in his grandparents attic filled with magic and escapes. His interest in magic took off from there. At the age of fourteen, Jay was honored to be the youngest recipient of the Society of American Magicians Gold Medal of Honor. To learn more about Jay, check out his website at Jay Alexandar.

From the Bay to the Snow

Here is an example of the latest composite work coming out of the LightGrid. Color Rhythm employee, Spencer, stopped by (in full snow gear in order to test out a new apparel concept) for a  fun and interactive shoot. The LightGrid is a great tool for producing images with multiple lighting scenarios. It allows anyone to quickly match the subject lighting with the desired backdrop lighting for more efficient composing.

Hands On Gourmet having some fun in The LightGrid

Our friends from down the hall, Hands On Gourmet, came into the LightGrid for a fun and interactive photo shoot. All members of the staff were able to create high quality images of each other. These images were eventually turned into a movie poster. The technology of The LightGrid allows the process to be simple and exciting from the push of the camera button to the end compositing result. Come into the BlueSky LightGrid and get your very own movie poster created by our team.

Retouching Credit: Austin Heppler

Facebook Time Slice in The LightGrid

Blue Sky LightGrid hosted an exciting event on December 3rd with a group from Facebook. Hands On Gourmet hosted cooking lessons and a competition, and the 3DIGIVIEW Time Slice camera system was on site to capture the creativity in the studio. See all the videos from the event on our Vimeo page here at Vimeo Blue Sky LightGrid. Enjoy the Videos!

Yelp Pictures In The LightGrid

The images from the Yelp event in The LightGrid are edited and ready for viewing. Here are just a few from the event.  To see all of the images that were taken, visit our Flicker Page here. Feel free to view, download, and share your pictures from the event in The LightGrid. For a high resolution image please feel free to contact us at 415.626.7232 or by email at 

Yelp Time Slice at Blue Sky LightGrid

Blue Sky LightGrid hosted a Yelp event where the 3 DIGIVIEW Time Slice camera system was set up and ready to capture the fun. Enjoy the videos and feel free to contact us for more information. View all Time Slice videos on our Vimeo page. Click here Vimeo Blue Sky LightGrid.

Pilates Proworks back in the LightGrid

Owner Taylor Carter and her team from Pilates Proworks of San Francisco made their second appearance at the Blue Sky LightGrid the other week. Taylor was free to not worry about the technical aspects of lighting, but instead focus on showcasing her staff’s pilates capabilities. The technology here at Blue Sky allows first and second time camera users produce high quality professional imagery in half  the time and for a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about Pilates ProWorks 


Blue Sky Intern Austin Heppler and The LightGrid makes Photo District News

Summer intern/Photographer Austin Heppler made his publication debut while working at the Blue Sky Rental Studios during last summer.  “It was a real honor to see that I was publish in such a well known publication like PDN, especially after having such a fun, exciting and most importantly knowledgeable experience at Blue Sky Rental Studios. The LightGrid is truly a unique tool for photographers/videographers of today to produce high quality work at the fraction of the time within today’s competitive market,” Heppler states.

Modeling in the LightGrid

I had a great time in the LightGrid. These images are a little different from my normal portraiture in the way of mood, exposure, and setting of the studio. This is not a professional model, but her energy and openness during the shoot allowed me to capture and direct the mood that I was looking for. Good shoot, and I look forward to working with her in the near future.

University of San Francisco Upward Bound Project

Instructor Rafiki Cai and his students in the Upward Bound project stopped by the Blue Sky LIghtGrid to talk with Bill Delzell about the science of light and how software and robotics can create powerful tools for the production of photography and video. The Upward Bound Project is a program put into place by the University to help high school students get prepared for college majors and careers focused on “STEM” fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  Program alumni have graduated from, or currently attend, colleges with some of the nation’s best STEM programs.

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag – Black Beard

Previously we posted about Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag.  Here are some of the images that were shot of the character, Black Beard, that will appear in the game.  Ubisoft has consistently utilized the LightGrid for their still imagery, and the outcomes of these shoots speak volumes to the quality that can be achieved at Blue Sky.

Pilates ProWorks of San Francisco

The owners and staff of Pilates ProWorks San Francisco came into the LightGrid to photograph portrait and action shots for their website.  Owner/Photographer Taylor Carter tests her skills using the LightGrid technology.  

Behind the Scenes: Juan Zambrano

Here’s a behind the scenes look at a shoot Juan Zambrano did for DMAX.

Interview with Blue Sky LightGrid Founder Bill Delzell

Bill Delzell, Founder of Blue Sky LightGrid was recently interviewed by 1SourceVideo at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Lighting Demo: Baseball Card (Click to see more)

Here is a quick demo of different ways you can light a baseball card in the LightGrid.  

From the Archives: Brisk (Click here for more!)

We’ve been feeling nostalgic at Blue Sky LightGrid this week and wanted to share some behind the scenes shots from one of our favorite shoots.  

Blue Sky LightGrid Reel from Blue Sky on Vimeo.

Blue Sky LightGrid NAB 2013

Jorge Novoa and his team at the Werehaus created this video for Blue Sky LightGrid for the 2013 NAB show StartUp Loft.  The video is a retrospective of sorts that showcases a number of different artists that have produced work in the LightGrid.

Rafiki Cai: Not Your Average Birthday Greeting

Rafiki Cai Technologist-in-Residence at University of San Francisco came into the Blue Sky LightGrid to record a birthday greeting.

Juan Zambrano

Juan Zambrano teamed up with CG artist Stephen Wheeler to create these stunning images that appeared on Season 10 of Project Runway.

Damien Miller: Fashion Surgeon

Hair/Make up: Haley Elizabeth Byrne

Model/Stylist: Anne -Marie Carbonell

From The Archives – Stephen Fry

Here’s a quick example (using an image of the talented Stephen Fry) of how the LightGrid and Photoshop can be paired to create a simple composite.

Juan Zambrano

Juan Zambrano’s beautifully stylized portraits are on display, check out more of his work at his website.


There’s a lot to be said about playing with fire, isn’t there?

Tanya Constantine

Tanya Constantine teamed up with the lead dancer from the stage production of The Lion King to capture these stunning images of dancers in motion.  These pictures show the capabilities of the LightGrid to capture motion in photography. See more in the post.

The Truth About Polar Bears (Full Movie)

As promised here is the Full-length video from The Werehaus teamed up with Rock Band Land.

LightGrid Composite

A simple image taken in the LightGrid can be manipulated into anything you can imagine.  See how this image was put together inside.

Youth Uprising

Youth Uprising from East Oakland teamed up with Blue Sky LightGrid to help the vision of two young producers in the Youth Uprising program.

The Werehaus

The team from The Werehaus made use of the LightGrid for their new project in collaboration with Rock Band Land.

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

Prior to the announcement of Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, Ubisoft’s talented team photographed the cover as well as character photos for the game.  See more from this shoot in the post.

Jorge Novoa

New work from Jorge Novoa in the LightGrid

Cal Humanities

Cal Humanities stopped by the LightGrid and filmed a number of interviews for their California Reads program.

Behind The Scenes With Claudia Goetzelmann

Ignacio De La Fuente

Oakland City Council President Ignacio De Le Fuente stopped by the LightGrid for a Photoshoot.

Harvey Milk Kids

Harvey Milk Kids spend a day at the LightGrid

Ubisoft Ghost Recon Predator

Click through to see some amazing images from this shoot.

Ubisoft Rocksmith

Recent Work

This is a sample of work from a recent shoot in the LightGrid

Portfolio Submission Project

Student Portfolio project that was shot by the student for submission to colleges and universities.

Steven Terrebonne

Academy of Art student Steven Terrebonne stopped by the LightGrid recently.  These images demonstrate the quality of light that is achievable by using the LightGrid.

I’m new to using the LightGrid, but was amazed at how quick and easy it is to set up a shoot.  The following images make use of all four of the panels in the LightGrid, and the setup took less than 10 minutes. Check out the images here

Savino Wine Kickstarter Video huge success

Savino shot their Kickstarter video in the Blue Sky LightGrid and raised FOUR TIMES their pledge goal of 20,000!

“Nerd Life” music video

Rapper MC Frontalotshot his music video for “NERD LIFE” in the Blue Sky LightGrid. Check out behind the scenes photos and the full video here.

light test

The perfect portrait lighting found in less than 60 seconds in the Blue Sky LightGrid. Check it out here.

MMA Fighter

The Light Grid was recently put to the test to create dramatic, directional lighting for a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Photographed by Blue Sky photographer Isaac Miller, the shots will be used in a yet to be announced title from a well known, local video game company. We were extremely happy with the shoot, as it further showcases the diverse range of lighting styles the LightGrid can create. More photos inside.

1000 Bodies Project at Blue Sky LightGrid

We were happy to host Kenneth Sortland Myklebust’s 1000 Bodies Project in the LightGrid on Saturday!


Claudia Goetzelmann


We were honored to have Claudia Goetzelmann in the studio shooting for designer Camelia Skikos – Fall Winter 2012 collection and shooting for a personal project. Here are some amazing behind the scenes shots for the Skikos shoot!

The Glitter Guide Summer Looks

Last weekend, Blue Sky hosted women’s fashion blogs LA in the Bay and The Glitter Guide as they showed off their favorite summer fashions. Photographed by Blue Sky interns Joelle Wagner and Isaac Miller, the shoot featured looks for five various summer events ranging from beach day to weddings. Check out more photos below!

Bobby Sager. Buddhist Monks

Blue Sky recently hosted photographer and philanthropist Bobby Sager as he photographed a group of Buddhist monks.

Robin Williams for British GQ

The LightGrid hosted acclaimed photographer Gavin Bond as he photographed comedy legend Robin Williams for the British GQ Comedy Special. This spread, featuring a variety of the worlds most famous comedians, has an accompanying trailer which can be viewed below, so check it out!

LALY Fashion Show

Blue Sky and LALY Designs hosted an amazing Decades fashion show in our studio. The fashion show included designers: Brandi Shawnell, Daniela Cunha Lay, Victor Tung, Dierdre Wallace, Tora Engle, Brad Carrick and Rechelle Lingad.


Click through for more pictures of the beautiful fashion show ->

Tan Le

Haren Mehta photographed Tan Le, Co-Founder of Emotiv and Founder & CEO of Emotiv Lifesciences  with the Emotiv EPOC Neuroheadset.

We were honored to have such an inventive and creative mind in our Light Grid.


Prim and Pastel Hair Pieces

We had Olga Lacosta in the LightGrid to shoot these fun headpieces for Modern Salon Daily.

Click through for more pictures of the fun hair pieces – >

Get Roped

This beautiful AD with Elena Ishbulatova for her brand of fitness videos, blogs, group training and personal training located in San Francisco was created in the LightGrid with Sapient Studios.

Michelle Wie for Omega Watches

Blue Sky Rental Studios hosted a photo shoot with golfer Michelle Wie for Omega Watches shot by Norma Jean Roy.

PDN Article

Recently the Light Grid was the focus of an article for PDN Magazine. The article explains how the Light Grid works, what we have been doing with it, and our future plans. Check out the great article!

Tantalum Magazine

The Light Grid was center stage in this spread for Tantalum Magazine. The Light Grid was a great tool used in creating the lighting required for such a realistic looking set for the “Experiment of Evolution”. The idea was created and stunningly executed by Juan Zambrano & Stephen Wheeler.  Jenna Malick styled the futuristic model, Sarah S (from Look). The perfectly crafted hair was done by Steve Elias and the flawless makeup was done by Jonathan Mendez.

This gorgeous, one of a kind spread really utilizes versatility of the Light Grid.


Click through for more futuristic images ->


Bjork made an appearance at the Blue Sky LightGrid in April. She is working on new artwork for an upcoming project. Haren utilized the LightGrid to capture Bjork and provide Mixamo Animation raw capture for the animations building blocks.

We had a great time working with her. We even got to enjoy listening to her sing.

Stay tuned for Video footage.


Ubisoft Video Games

The Light Grid had so much fun creating the cover for Your Shape Evolved that it decided to do it again.


order="0" allowfullscreen>

Ozzy and Brisk vist Blue Sky

We were all ready to fan out with Ozzy coming to the studio, but yet again he ended up being a puppet. To be totally honest Puppet Ozzy is a lot easier to understand when he speaks than real Ozzy.

Gold Rush

The Light Grid had the honor of hosting the Gold Rush, the 49ers cheerleaders. We had an awesome time working with these girls and produced some amazing shots!

Click through for more pictures ->

Spontaneous Portraits

The Light Grid is so simple to use that you don’t have to plan days or even weeks in advance to get amazing images. Be spontaneous!

Click through for more images ->

Wedding Receptions

The Light Grid always has a lot of fun hosting wedding receptions. It’s a unique experience for guests to have their picture taken as they arrive, and the images are an amazing gifts.

Audition Tapes

The Blue Sky LightGrid is the perfect tool to record an amazing audition tape.  With absolutely gorgeous lighting and pixel perfect capturing devices, the LightGrid produces media like you’ve never seen.  Here is a demo reel of real kids auditioning, and most of all, having a great time doing so.

Dramatic Portraits

The Light Grid is so versatile in it’s ability to produce lighting, that it can go from bright and sunny, to dark and dramatic in just the touch of an iPad. In the same session you can create a head shot, a fashion spread, and a dramatic look, because with the Light Grid changing lighting is so much easier.

Community Outreach

A community outreach program, the Good Tidings Foundation, stopped by the Light Grid to create these great promotional images to bring awareness to their foundation. These images beautifully captured their diversity and equal support for all kids and all of their activities.


A great asset of the Light Grid is that with the versatility of the images. You can create imaginative, inventive, and even impossible images.


Click through for more beautiful images ->

Team Building

The Light Grid has hosted many events like birthday parties, dinners, and even team building events. The Light Grid creates a comfortable space where even the shyest people can let loose and have some fun, while creating beautiful images. The notorious “jump shot,” perfected in the Light Grid, makes any business event fun.


Images produced in the Light Grid have so much potential. We utilized this potential by creating a beautiful composite image from an ordinary portrait, a stock image and a skilled use of photoshop.

Click through to see the process to create the composite ->

Copy Art

The Light Grid is the perfect space to produce the highest quality copy art. Due to its ability to make fine tune adjustments, the Light Grid creates a lighting effect that accentuates the beautiful brush strokes and textures of any piece of art. The Light Grid produces a quality of image that other copy art can’t obtain.


The LightGrid hosted a shoot for Ubisoft to create a clean and impressive cover for one of their video games. Thanks to the attributes of the Light Grid, creating all of the images for the for the cover of Your Shape Fitness Evolved was no sweat!

Family Portraits

The Light Grid is a great comfortable space to create memorable family portraits for over the mantle, Christmas cards or just for fun!

Eminem Brisk

Every one at Blue Sky was excited to hear that we would have Eminem in the studio for a few weeks filming a Brisk Iced Tea ad. No one told us that the Eminem that was coming to Blue Sky was 9 inches tall and made of some kind of synthetic skin called “Dragon Skin!”


Machete came into the studio with Ozzy and Eminem and you guessed it: A PUPPET!!!!


iPhone 4S Wallet

The versatility of the Blue Sky Light Grid is on display in this video that SFBags made to introduce the world to their newest product the iPhone 4S Wallet. The Light Grid is a fully functioning media creation station that enables you to create stunning video in the blink of an eye.

Joel Gion

Joel Gion “Extended Play”


Fellow San Franciscan Joel Gion and member of the legendary Neo-Psychedelic band The Brian Jonestown Massacre, made a recent visit to the LightGrid. Joel gave the LightGrid his classic tambourine treatment while we snapped promo photos for his newly released album “Extended Play “. Look out for more LightGrid adventures with colorful characters coming your way.

Click through for more pictures! ->


Blue Sky LightGrid Composite Demo from Blue Sky on Vimeo.

Composite Demonstration

This video shows the immense amount of versatility all of the images produced in the LightGrid have. Here we’ve taken some portraits taken in the LightGrid and transformed them into beautiful “on location” portraits. The LightGrid is capable of recreating just about any type of lighting situation imaginable, making compositing that much easier. Check out this compositing video!