Lighting Demo: Baseball Card (Click to see more)

Here is a quick demo of different ways you can light a baseball card in the LightGrid.  

A Baseball card collector with a large collection recently contacted us to photograph his collection.  One of the challenges of photographing cards is maintaining the integrity of the card, with true colors and textures.  We opted for shooting through the hole of the fill card, because although you lose the shine of the foil, you see the most accurate representation of the condition of the card.



Pictured above is the card in it’s casing, shot with 2 lights.

photo (1)

iPad user interface that controls the LightGrid.  The top left light was for direction of light quality for a small drop shadow, and the lower light was for fill.  Both lights were rotated facing 9×12 reflective light panel, softening the overall light quality.

IMG_8853 as Smart Object-1

To achieve even lighting on the card, we cut a hole in a standard fill card.  One side black, one side white.

IMG_8852 as Smart Object-1

Hold the card up to the lens and shoot completely through the hole.

IMG_0016 as Smart Object-1

No Flagging

IMG_0015 as Smart Object-1

Flag above camera.

IMG_0014 as Smart Object-1

Shoot through hole.

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